Why we exist

About Klimatas

Klimatas is the first blockchain project dedicated to support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations (SDGs). The Klimatas project was founded in early 2019 by two Dutch entrepreneurs who wanted to combine new technology with sustainable development. From there the project has evolved into a full scale digital investment platform focusing on sustainable development. Since the inception of the project in 2019 there have been made a lot of changes to the project. Most of these changes were made due to the regulations within the European Union regarding Crypto currency.

It took almost a year to come up with the final project definition to comply with the new laws and regulations. But during this process the necessity of the project also became more clear. It became clear that there is a lot of interest in sustainable development and that crypto also will be something for the long term. Maybe not in its current form, but the idea of blockchain and its advantages will be implemented within the financial field eventually. Combining this new technology with sustainable development is what makes Klimatas unique and a valuable addition to the industry.


Investing in Klimatas

Klimatas believes in “Real people, real impact”. Everyone that invests in Klimatas should be attracted to the project by its shared vision and not the capability of earning money. Of Course this is also part of the project, but it is of greater value for the growth of the project to have a community of strong like minded investors, who aim to make a difference. That is why we want to make Klimatas’ investors Klimatas’ ambassadors. With the support of real people and influential stakeholders, the Klimatas project can grow into a respected and leading project in the Crypto space.

Strong community

With the on-chain eco fund investors are actively contributing to the growth of the project


Klimatas is the first crypto project that is dedicated to help reaching the UN SDGs

Klimatas Blockchain

The Klimatas Coin (KTS) is the engine behind the project and revolutionizes the way we move financial asset


Klimatas is constantly searching for new and strong partnerships with governments, universities and other organisations to expand the project